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Dance Floor Blur

Fond Memories of our dear Concordia Ballroom family members...

Jeff Stevenson

Jeff Stevenson

Jeffrey Bruce Stevenson - April 4, 1947 - June 13, 2023


Jeff served wisely, professionally, and kindly as our Treasurer for the Concordia Aid Society, Inc. from September 2021 - March 2023.  

Jeff's passion for dance and especially the Concordia Ballroom will be missed.  He was a great board member and friend.  He was most comfortable being in the background and not in the spotlight even though he deserved to be recognized for his dedicated work. will be missed by all of us at the Concordia Ballroom.

Jacline McKinney memoriam.png

Jaqueline McKimmy

Jacqueline McKimmy - November 13, 1966 - September 23, 2023


Tony and his wife Jacline McKimmy were long-time Concordia members.  Tony served on the Concordia Board of Directors. Tony and Jacline both served on the Continental Board of Directors and taught ballroom dance lessons.  Jacline...we will miss you and having you grace our dance floor.

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