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Business Meetings

Let's get down to Business. Meeting styles.

The Concordia Ballroom facility can easily be transformed into a business or an organization meeting venue.  We can host a standard meeting area or a floor plan for multiple meeting areas.  We can host classroom seating for workshops for your employees, clients or potential customers.  We are also the perfect venue for hosting conferences and summits for up to 200 attendees.  It could be one day events or multiple days.  It can include food and/or bar service along with other amenities to help your business or organization have a successful event!

Business Meeting

Time to meet

Sometimes you may need to go to another location to have a business or an organization meeting.  Maybe because of space, travel time, privacy or other factors.  Whatever space & amenities you need, contact the Concordia to make your meeting happen.


Time to learn

With the popularity of "virtual" video these days, video workshops & training can easily be done.  You can set up the venue to meet your needs and accommodations.  From classroom seating to tables & chairs along with video/audio services, contact the Concordia to make your session happen.

Business People Conferences

Time to network

Conferences & summits can easily be set up for up to 200 people.  Whether it's a 1 day event or multiple, we can fulfill your needs to host a successful event.  Food service, audio/video, spacious seating area and a large parking lot.  Network parties are popular as well.  We will meet your needs & expectations.

Please contact us via email or phone, for more details and let's book your business or organization meeting, workshop or conference at the historic Concordia Ballroom!

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