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La Crosse Oktoberfest

Pop Up dances. Jamborees. Concerts. Special events. 

The Concordia Ballroom has hosted Pop Up Dances along with music & dance jamborees.  The public has enjoyed music concerts along with many other unique events.  The Concordia Ballroom is a venue that can accommodate many types of special events.  

Pop Dancing

Pop Up Dances

Pop-up dances with recorded music are scheduled when the ballroom is available and the mood strikes. In the future, the Concordia might offer Pop Up Dances.  These dances are Occasional -- Last Minute -- Special Opportunities. 

When the Concordia Ballroom has some open dance floor evenings, these Pop Up Dances can provide you with additional time on the dance floor!

Dust off those dancing shoes and join us! Follow us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter to find out about any upcoming Pop Up Dances.
Barn dancing

Barn Dances

LaCrosse Youth Symphony

Concerts & Recitals

Barn dances are popular family events and the Concordia is the perfect place to enjoy them. These are held when someone in the community organizes one.
The Great River Folk Fest often hosts a fundraiser barn dance in February to support their annual festival. Square and round dances, reels and more are enjoyed.  No experience necessary; the caller guides the dancers along and experienced dancers help everyone have fun.
Great River Folk Fest
The setting and acoustics at the Concordia Ballroom makes it a  perfect venue for concerts and recitals.  The stage and floor area can be set up for a small or large group of musicians and singers.
UWL Students

Special Dance Classes

What do you do for entertainment for the UW-La Crosse sports teams in January?  You host swing dance classes at the Concordia Ballroom.  They had a blast!  Just another example of fun events that can be held at our historic venue.

Please contact us via email or phone, for more details and let's book your special Event at the historic Concordia Ballroom!

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